Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do You Have A Poem In Your Pocket?

The children and I have always had so much fun on Poem in Your Pocket Day and I have always hated that it was only just one day long. Soooo... this year I decided to make it Poem in Your Pocket Week! All week long I have been passing poems out to the the students as they have been visiting the library with their classes. That's 800 poems people! 800 poems that needed to be rolled up and tied together. Thank goodness rolling and tying poems can be done while watching television and that Trudie and Barbara stepped in just as my fingers were getting ready to fall off.

In the past, I have gathered poems from various books in the library, but this year I decided to tap into the talents of our 4th graders and one of our kindergarten classes. Back in February, the fourth graders and I talked about poetry and were really having fun with riddle poems, thanks to these books, both entitled Guess Again.

The fourth graders and I had so much fun with them that we decided to try our hand at riddle poems. While we LOVED and LAUGHED hysterically with the "Crazy Grandpa Ned" style of Mac Barnett, we decided it would be better to try and write some more like Lillian Morrison had written so we could all try to guess the answers.

The students came up with amazing riddle poems and their creativity blew my mind. Take a look and see if you can figure them out. The answers are at the end of this entry.

Some people call me by my brand name                            I once was red,
But really, truly, it's the same.                                            But you scratched me on the head.
Add paper and I'll be a present,                                          Now I'm black
I'll take from your nose the unpleasant.                              I can no longer go back.

I then took some of their riddle poems, typed them up and have been passing them out this week to other fourth graders. They have loved trying to figure each other's poems out.

One of our kindergarten classes, The Explorers, and I decided to try our hand at Haiku poems that we could share with our other kindergarteners on Poem in Your Pocket Day. This was The Explorers first time writing Haiku's and I couldn't be prouder of them! I just loved them and want to share a few of them with you in this video, featuring them writing and reading them.

Have you solved the 4th graders riddles yet? The answers are tissue and a match!

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