Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Walking and Listening to Neversink

Wolverton, Barry. Neversink. 7 hours 13 minutes. Listening Library. 2012. $40.00 ISBN 9780449014790. Digital Download from Overdrive

Egbert, a walrus, has decided to throw himself a surprise birthday party. Not only has he invited all of his friends in Neversink, but he has also included the owls, which does not go over well with his friends, all of whom are auks. You see there has been trouble in the past between the owls and the auks and the two birds now live very separate lives in Tytonia. At first the owls laugh at Egbert's invitation but as time goes on and they realize that their food source is potentially in danger, they decide to go. Why you ask? Well, Egbert has promised them that Lucy Puffin will be making her world famous fish smidgens. The owls think this maybe the answer to their potential food shortage. When Rozbell, a power hunger evil owl, takes his first bite of Lucy's fish smidgens, he is hooked and demands that she provide them for all the owls. While Lucy has always enjoyed making fish smidgens for family and friends, preparing them for everyone soon takes a toll on her and on the fish supply in Neversink. Especially troubled by the toll that this is taking on his wife, Lockley realizes he must do something to put an end to this. Will Lockley's plan makes things even worse for Neversink?

Favorite chapter title: The Worst Party Since Chapter Four

Emrhys Cooper does a nice job narrating the book. For the most part it is easy to hear to differentiation in the character's voices, however I had a very hard time distinguishing between Lockley and regular narration. I felt that those two voices were just a bit too similar. My favorite voices were all for the supporting characters, such as the mole. I felt those characters personalities were captured perfectly.

Here are some pictures I took while I was out walking and listening.

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