Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walking and Listening to "Seven Wonders: Colossus Rises"

Lerangis, Peter. Seven Wonders:The Colossus Rises. Harper Collins. 2013. ISBN 78-0062286369. Digital Download from Overdrive.

From the moment the music began to play on this audiobook I knew that I was in for a treat. Jack's morning isn't starting off quite like he had planned, the alarm clock that he created attacks him, his nanny quits, he suddenly has a patch of gray hair on the back of his head, he is going to be late for school and his math test, a bully demands to copy his math homework and he collapses and falls into the road. See, not a  great start. When Jack wakes up in the hospital he knows something isn't right and before he can do anything about it he is taken to the Karai Institute. Professor Bhegad, who is totally kooky, explains to Jack that he has a very rare genetic condition called G7W. This condition opens up a persons ceresacrum, takes their strengths and intensifies them. You may be thinking "cool" however it also causes death. Jack has been sent to the Karai Institute to receive medical treatments in the hopes of prolonging his life. He soon meets Marco, Cass and Aly, all of whom have the same condition. Marco, the solider, has athletic ability and strength like no other. Cass, the sailor, can memorize maps and locations within seconds of seeing them and Aly, the tinker, can hack into any computer system and has a vast knowledge of movies. Unsure of what his talents are and if G7W is a real condition, Jack wants to escape. After an escape attempt fails and Aly's life is almost lost, Professor Bhegad tells them how their lives can be prolonged. There are seven Loculi that must be recovered. These Loculi, each contain a part of the power of Atlantis and are located in the Seven Wonders of the World. Once they are all found, the power of Atlantis can be restored, helping the four children live. Sound confusing? It really isn't, at least when Peter Lerangis is explaining it. I really enjoyed this story, lots of action, not a lot of violence and blood, some gross moments (Cass in the cacoon, bluch), a character for everyone to route for and perfect cliffhanger ending. I wanted to move right into listening to book 2: Lost in Babylon but the audiobook is checked out and I'm number two on the wait list   While several kids in my school have already discovered this book, I am looking forward to sharing it with those who haven't yet.

Favorite Chapter Title: Yoda in Tweeds

Jonathan McClain does a great job narrating this story. His voices are fantastic. My favorite being Professor Bhegad. It had the perfect amount of quirkiness for that character. It was easy to distinguish between all the voices and the pacing was really nice. 

Walking in the late afternoon can be brutal in the summer. Luckily Island Snow is on my walking route and I can easily pop on it and have some shave ice.

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