Saturday, September 6, 2014

"He's Taking Us On a Wild Goose Chase!"

Several years ago I had read Shannon Miller's blogpost about a beginning of the year scavenger hunt she had done using the book Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Miller ( I loved the idea and thought it would be a great way for our second graders to learn about this new part of campus they were now a part of. I filed it away deciding to try it at the start of the next school year. Unfortunately, I forgot all about it until last year. 
Last year I hid clues, like the one below, in various spots around campus. We had a blast racing around following the hints we were given, trying to figure out where we should go next.
This year I decided to do something different. I decided to use QR codes as Shannon had suggested. I knew that the children had a great deal of experience with them the previous year on their iPads so I decided to give it a try. Having never created any myself before, I got some quick tips from our Technology Resource Teacher Liz. The best tip I got from Liz was to use Google Docs as a place to store the clues that the QR code would take them to. Once the QR codes were made, we were off!
The Gingerbread Man first took us to the banyan tree.
Then onto Mr. Lum's chicken's coop. Thankfully the Gingerbread Man got out of there before he was eaten!

 In his quick escape from the chickens he had stubbed his toe and needed to head to the office to get cleaned up. We made our way there hoping he was still there.
 Unfortunately for us, he had already left and was told to go back to class, but he didn't listen. He went to the music room instead!
By the time we got to the music room he was long gone. Thankfully he left us another clue telling us to head back to the library. 
 And there he was alright! Hiding on our giant Candy Land bulletin board with one last clue on his back.
The kids had so much fun with this activity, speculating where he would go next, who set this all up and wondering if we would ever find him. I plan on doing this activity again next year and adding some additional places for the Gingerbread Man to visit.

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