Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Bulletin Boards

Our library is covered in bulletin boards and each month we switch them out to reflect the different holidays, themes, birthdays, each with it's own slogan.
Here are this months bulletin boards.

"This Year is Going to be Sweet"
How amazing is this giant Candy Land game board, complete with the little man game pieces and candy galore? I can not take any credit for it. It was made by my amazing co-worker Trudie. Our gingerbread man who has runout of his book (Gingerbread Man Loose in the School) loves to hide up there.

We also like to dress Greg up each month. This month he is all decked out in buff and blue, our school colors, to show his excitement for the upcoming school year and football season.

"Fly into a New Year": From this picture it's hard to tell how long and full this bulletin board is of picture books all about flying.

Every month we celebrate a different author or illustrator's birthday. This month we honor Rob Scotton.

In honor of September being grandparents month we have this bulletin board. This bulletin board is two panels, full of grandparent books.

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