Sunday, September 21, 2014

Walking and Listening to "Loot"

Watson, Jude. Loot. 7 hours, 6 minutes. Scholastic Audio. 2014. Downloaded via OverDrive

Cue the heist music.

Alfie had been a jewel thief all of March's life, imparting his tricks of the trade along the way. One evening however, Alfie's heist goes terribly wrong and March watches his father fall to his death. Alfie's dying words to March, "Find Jewels," don't make much sense and leave March even more confused and upset than he already is. Knowing he needs to make a run for it himself, March heads back to the apartment to grab his getaway pack and rummage through his fathers to see if there is any cash in there to help make escape a little easier. While March finds typical getaway pack supplies, toothbrush, fake passport, pre-paid cell phone, he also finds a book about moonstones, a deck of cards, a business card and an list that makes no sense at all. March decides these items must mean something and takes them with him. First stop: address on the business card. It is there that March meets his twin sister, Jules ("Find Jewels"). Unfortunately the family reunion is cut short when the March and Jules are taken into custody by Child Protective Services and sent back to the United States to live in a orphanage. On their way to the orphanage, March and Jules stop at the cemetery to bury their father. As they are leaving they meet Carlotta Grimstone who demands that the twins return the moonstones that their father had stolen from her. Having no idea what she was talking about, and with March not ready to admit he has a moonstone, they try to shake off her threats. Later one evening March and Jules are watching a crime show  featuring Carlotta Grimstone, the seven magical yet cursed moonstones that were stolen from her and the criminals behind it all, one of which was twin's father. Slowly piecing together that their father had fenced the moonstones and was in the process of stealing them back, the twins, along with their new friends Darius and Izzy, decide they are going to finish what their father started.  Before a plan can be properly hatched to retrieve the moonstones, Jules runs away leaving March feeling terribly betrayed. March, along with Darius and Izzy, decide to make a run for it themselves and get the moonstones back.

Michael Crouch does a great job voicing all of the characters, each one easily distinguishable. Some readers only focus on differentiating the voices of the main characters but Mr. Crouch makes sure all secondary characters are distinct and easily identifiable.

Side note: Loved the reference to Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Smiths.
Favorite Line: " Sometimes when you need inspiration you gotta reach for a cupcake."
Favorite Chapter Title: Peas and Thank You

Summer is still with us and the heat and humidity have been unbearable. So I have been trying to get out walking as early as possible and caught this sunrise one morning.

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