Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's Design A New Space Part 2! Interviewing Others

After determining what their non-negotiables were, the third graders had to come up with questions they wanted to ask the students they were interviewing. This was not an easy task, they were stumped at first but once the ball got rolling they did an amazing job. When a student suggested a question they were able to determine whether or not that was a question that was good for that age level. Since some of them were interviewing kindergarteners they realized that their questions had to be really clear and those who had older students had to make sure to take the question a bit deeper by asking the students why they felt a particular way. We also talked about what information they hoped to get by asking that question that they would then be able to put into their design.

Some of the questions were:
"What do you like about the library?"
"What comes to mind when you think of the library?"
"How do you feel when you walk into the library?"
"What would you change about the library and why?"
"What things do you need to help you to learn?"
"We will have 6 different sections in the library. What would you like to put in each section?"

Anyone have experience putting a teleporter into your Learning Commons? Where can I get one and how much is it going to set me back? It turns out our students really want one. Another idea that came up repeatedly was bringing more of the outdoors into the indoors. I can't wait to see how the kids incorporate that into their design. As you can see the answers ran the gamut, some were a tad on the wild or silly side while others were really very thoughtful.
Next step: I have gone through all the responses each class got and put them together on a Google doc. As we meet this week, students will be going through the answers, grouping items, looking for commonalities and determining what is important for each grade level. Stay tuned!

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