Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let's Design A New Space! Part One

Big changes are coming! As I have mentioned before big changes are taking place in libraries all over the world and that the library I work in is no exception. Over the next few years we will be transforming our current space by adding onto the existing building, welcoming additional grade levels into the space and building multiple maker spaces. The design, which unfortunately I can't unveil, is amazing.

When I announced to the 3rd grade students last cycle that they were going to be involved in the design of the new library space they were beside themselves and thought it was the coolest thing ever that their voices and ideas could be heard. I shared with them that this design process was going to take us quite some time, probably up to Christmas Break, and would involve a lot of different steps along the way.

Part One: What are your non-negotiables?
 Each class worked on creating a list of things that they could not live without in the new library space. It has been interesting to see not only what is important to them but the level of detail that they went into. These features that they discussed will need to be incorporated somehow in their design.

Next step: The space won't only be for the 3rd graders. They will need to go out and interview students in various grade levels and see what is important to them. Each class will be writing their own questions based on what they want to know, what is important to them. Stay tuned......

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