Monday, November 17, 2014

The Dolphins and Dragonflies Met Barney Saltzberg (via Skype that is)

"He is so funny!"
"He doesn't just make books, he makes songs too."
"I learned why he writes so many books."
"He's so creative!"

What an amazing time we had meeting and learning from Barney Saltzberg last week. We laughed, we sang, we learned how he writes books, we saw him illustrate and we got to ask him some questions about being and author and illustrator. We all had a blast!

One of the things we did to get ready for our Skype visit was to read as many of Barney Saltzberg's books as possible. The kids and I have been doing some amazing oil pastel illustrations of Arlo (see videos below) based on his book Arlo Needs Glasses. The kids were thrilled that they got to meet the real Arlo and see just how huge he is. We also got to hear how Barney got the idea for Arlo Needs Glasses.
The kids all love his book Beautiful Oops! and it was great to see how easily Barney could turn an "oops" into an amazing illustration like this one. We also learned that he carries a notebook with him at all times because you never know when an idea will come to you. He also sketches in his notebook and we got to see some of his sketches.
Sidenote: Celebrating Beautiful Oops! is being launched this January. It is a great opportunity for you and your students to turn something that you may have thought of as an "oops" and see it as something positive and something that can we can learn from. 
The kids also had a blast singing with him "Shopping With My Dog" and "Where Oh Where is My Underwear."
The kids love his book Crazy Hair Day so they all came to school that day with their hair as colorful and full of accessories as can be.
We are all so grateful for the time that we got to spend learning and having fun with Barney Saltzberg. It is an experience we all won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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