Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Walking and Listening to "Bad Magic"

Bosch, Psuedonymous. Bad Magic. 6 hours 35 minutes. Hachette Audio. 2014. $19.95 via Audible.

Having never been to summer camp I am not sure exactly sure what goes on there. However, I am quite positive that if I had received a packing list like the one Clay did for Earth Ranch, I wouldn't be going. A gas mask?! Life jacket?! A bag of carrot tops?! No thank you, I'll just stay home and watch TV.
Clay unfortunately doesn't have a choice in the matter. After an incident at school where the words he wrote in his journal, "Magic Sucks!" suddenly appear on his classroom wall, he is told that if he doesn't go to a camp for juvenile delinquents he won't be able to return to his school for 7th grade. Reluctantly he goes. From the moment the junk-a-lunka seaplane lands at Price Island, Clay's adventure begins complete with an active volcano, things that suddenly catch fire, objects appearing and then disappearing, a ghost and a llama that understands Spanish. Really, what more could you ask for?

Joshua Swanson does an amazing job narrating this book, differentiating his voice for each character which I thought matched their personalities quite well. I also appreciated how he paced the story, no long unnecessary pauses, he kept it moving right along. I loved the sharing of the "footnotes," which in all honesty I tend to overlook when reading.

Favorite Chapter Title: Volcano Surfing
Side Note: I LOVED the references to 70's TV shows. Who doesn't love Gilligan's Island and Fantasy Island?

I don't think Price Island looks anything like the island I live on.

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