Sunday, November 2, 2014

Walking and Listening to The Planet Thieves

Krokos, Dan. The Planet Thieves. 7 cds. 8 hours, 1 minute. Blackstone Audio. 2013. $69.0. ISBN 978-1-4708-7942-6.
Downloaded from OverDrive.

Thirteen year old Mason started his day by playing a prank on his older sister. He ended it as Captain of the SS Egypt, two total extremes that can only happen when things go terribly wrong, terribly quickly in the middle of space.
Just as Mason is removing the final bolt from his sisters officer chair, the SS Egypt goes into Code Red. The Tremists, enemies to humans, have gotten too close for comfort, attacking the SS Egypt, killing many of its soldiers and taking the others hostage. As the Tremist King boards the Egypt, he demands the "weapon" from Mason's sister Susan. After she reluctantly gives it to him, he takes her back to his ship and holds her hostage. With the commander being badly injured and no one left aboard the Egypt besides the cadets,  Mason is named Captain of the Egypt. Mason then has to depend on Marrin (whose appearance leads others to believe she is a Tremist) and Tom (whose mother has just been killed) and computer Elizabeth (who the Tremist are trying to takeover) to help him save his people.

To be honest, I am not a huge science fiction fan. I've never watched an episode of Star Trek, have only seen the original three Star Wars movies and don't typically pick up science fiction books to read. While this story was easy enough to follow, I found my mind wandering at times. Perhaps that was because of the reader, Kirby Heyborne. I found his reading of this book too slow and the pauses between chapters were so long that I often thought I had accidentally stopped playing the book. While Mason and his friends were in these intense scenes, Kirby's voice remained too flat for me, with no quickening of his reading or excitement in his voice. I enjoyed listening to the Tremist King because his voice had the perfect amount of slimy and evilness to it.

Carved pumpkins don't last more than a day to two here, so while I was out walking I thought I should snap a picture of this jovial one.

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