Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let's Design A New Space! Part Four! We're Designing!

Once the Third Graders had finished researching different Learning Commons, elements of a Learning Commons and children's furniture, they revisited their list of non-negotiables. The groups then   began to decide what they wanted to put into each of the five different zones. Some chose to write what they wanted to put into each zone, while others decided to draw it. They also had to figure out who was going to be responsible for the actual drawing of each zone. I loved walking amongst the groups and hearing the conversations that were going on as to why they wanted to put something in one space over another and negotiating their favorite elements into the design.

The children spread out all throughout the library and began to draw their designs. First in pencil so that if they wanted to move something they were able to and then in colored pencil, pen. or crayon. Coming soon....The final product!

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