Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrating Oops!

It all started with a pre-Skype video chat with Barney Saltzberg where Mr. Saltzberg casually mentioned that "Celebrate Oops" was going to be launched on January 15th. I loved the idea and knew immediately that I needed to be involved.

I contacted my friend and fellow librarian Matthew Winner to see if it would be possible to connect some of our kids, via Skype that is, to Celebrate Oops. He was immediately on board and came up with the idea that we, along with his partner librarian Eileen Gardner, ran with. We decided to pair up one of my fourth grade classes with one of Eileen and his first grade classes. The three of us began to create "oops" papers, splattering paint, gluing feathers and newspaper, spilling glitter and getting coffee stains all over everything. We then had the kids select a paper, one that spoke to them, without telling them what it was for. Right before the Winter Break, we got our classes together and held out first Skype session, where Matthew and I took turns reading Beautiful Oops and had some of the kids in our classes share why they chose the paper that they did. We then shared with them what we would be doing just as Mr. Saltzberg had done, turning our "oops" into something beautiful.

After Winter Break we got started with creating our "oops" and were looking forward to sharing them with our new friends.

Just this morning we got together and shared our final product. The kids were thrilled to see what the first graders had made and were really proud of them.

I was having so much fun that I just couldn't couldn't stop "oops"-ing! Many more "oops" papers were made and I had several other classes come in and create even more Beautiful Oops. There is no better way to share their pictures than accompany them with the music of Barney Saltzberg!

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