Monday, January 5, 2015

Walking and Listening to "How to Catch a Bogle"

Jinks, Catherine. How to Catch a Bogle.  7 hours 12 minutes. Listening Library, 2014, $23.00 ISBN: 9780804167796 Download via Overdrive

A bogle?! What on earth could that possibly be you ask? Should you be on the lookout for them? While I hope to never encounter one, I don't have to worry too much because a bogle is a creature/monster/demon that only eats children. Yes, that's right, bogles eat children. Luckily the people of London have Mr. Alfred Bunce, a bogler and his apprentice Birdie to help rid the town of these nasty creatures. Catching a bogle, while a bit dangerous, is something that Birdie enjoys doing with Mr. Bunce. When children go missing whether it be from a chimney, a basement or a well, Mr. Bunce is summoned to help take care of the matter. He sets up the trap and then has Birdie summon the bogle out of its hiding place by singing. Just as the bogle gets close to Birdie, Mr. Bunce strikes, killing the bogle. However when Sarah Pickles approaches Mr. Bunce to tell him some of her pickpocketing boys have gone missing, he isn't terribly eager to help. After several visits from her, he relents and he and Birdie head off to Dr. Morton's. Once inside Dr. Morton's home, which they have broken into, they discover several unusual things. It appears that Dr. Morton has been wanting to capture a bogle for himself and has been trying to summon one. Not quite sure what to make of this, Mr. Bunce kills the bogle lurking in the home and heads out. Before you know it, Mr. Bunce is asked to take care of a bogle in a cemetery. Unfortunately, this bogling experience does not go as expected, it is a trap. 

Mandy Williams does a lovely job narrating this book. She had good pacing the story, keeping it moving, as well as differentiating the voices for each of the characters. I liked how she was animated and her expression reflected how each of the characters were feeling. I also appreciated how she sang whenever  Birdie sang to lure the bogles out of their hiding places. Sure, the songs were depressing, but she still sounded lovely singing them. 

Winter is Hawaii looks quite different than winter in other places around the world. We have been having some absolutely gorgeous days as you can see from this picture I took one morning while I was out #walkingandlistening.

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