Thursday, January 15, 2015

Walking and Listening to "The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher"

Levy, Dana Alison. The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher. 5cd's. 5 hours 55 minutes. Listening Library. 2014. $31.50. 978-0804168649. Downloaded via OverDrive

It's no wonder that there is never a dull moment in Fletcher household, with four boys, a cat, a dog and more soccer balls and hockey pucks than you could count the action never stops. Told in snapshots we get to experience  moments throughout the Fletcher family's year. We see Sam, the oldest Fletcher son, trying to find the balance between new hobbies and interests with old ones. We feel as Eli struggles and realizes that what he had so desired isn't what he really wanted. We have all been through what Jax is experiencing as he and his best friend drift apart and how his reaching out to others goes unnoticed. Then there is the happy go lucky youngest Fletcher, Froggy, with his an imaginary tiger and questionable new friend Ladybug.

 There are a few things that I loved about this book. First of all, I loved the chapter titles. They felt very Friends-esque. Each chapter also began with a note, a post-it, or an email which helped set up the chapter ahead, giving the story an even more human touch. Most importantly the Fletcher boys are very relatable, anyone who reads this book with be able to connect in some way with each of the boys.

The one downside of this book had nothing to do with the book itself, it had to do some difficulty with the audio download. No matter what I tried, I was unable to play the final 3 chapters of the book, I had to check the book out of the library to find out how it all ended.

Favorite Chapter Title: In Which The Halloween Party Arrives and Nearly Floats Away

Yes, I do realize that it is Winter for the majority of people right now and showing a picture of blue sky and warmth really isn't what most want to see, but that's our Winter. Sorry. Plus when I saw these boogie boards hanging, I thought about how much the Fletcher boys would enjoy a day of boogie boarding.

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