Saturday, January 31, 2015

Walking and Listening to "Nightmares!"

Segel, Jason and Miller, Kristen. Nightmares! Listening Library. 2014, $40.00, ISBN 9780804168106. Downloaded from OverDrive.

Charlie has been plagued with nightmares ever since his father remarried and he and his brother moved into the big purple mansion, which Charlie has been long obsessed with. Each night his nightmares take him to the Netherworld where he is locked in a cage and threatened by a witch, who he is convinced is his stepmother. Unable to sleep and acting out towards everyone around him, Charlie finally tells his best friends what has been going on. It turns out they too have been having nightmares, two of which involve someone who looks an awful lot like their principal. While he should be able to take some comfort in this, he can't because the witch has threatened to come to Charlie's world and kidnap his brother Jack. When the witch makes good on her threat, Charlie chases after her and ends up entering the portal into the Netherworld. Once there he must travel through never-ending nightmares, as "Nightmares are humans fears in disguise" to try and get his brother back all the while protecting his friends and confronting President Fear, President of the Netherworld. Thankfully not all nightmares are as bad as they seem and they are willing to help and guide him along the way.

Jason Segel does a wonderful job narrating his story. His differentiation of voices between all the characters was amazing, each one being very distinct and more fun than the previous one to listen to. My personal favorite vocalization was Meduso and the snakes on his head. 

Favorite Chapter Title: Clown Down

It is very rare these days to see Kailua Beach empty but on this particular morning there were just a handful of people on it.

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