Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Explorers Meet Molly Idle (Via Skype That Is)

"That was so exciting!"
"We learned how to draw flamingos!"
"She does like birds."
"I learned she presses hard to make colored pencils look like paint."

From the moment our Skype call began to long after it was over, the Explorers and I were buzzing with excitement. The kids were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet author and illustrator Molly Idle, ask her questions and draw with her. Prior to the Skype, The Explorers had come up with some amazing questions to ask Molly. Not only was I blown away with the questions they had come up with, but Molly was too, complementing them on their questions. They asked questions such as, "Where do you get your ideas?" "Why do you like drawing with curved lines?" "What did you do when you won the Caldecott?" "How do you get an idea from the the flamingo doing ballet?" Since the Flora books all contain birds, one child asked, "Do you like birds?" We learned that she did like birds but that she didn't have any because her husband was scared of them. She then told us a story about when her husband was a paperboy and what caused him to be scared of birds. She shared with us where she got her ideas from for both Tea With Rex and Flora and the Flamingo. They both came from misunderstandings. We even got to see a sneak peek of her new Flora book, Flora and the Peacocks. We loved seeing the studio where she works and all the colored pencils that she has. We are so lucky!
One of the students asked, "Will you draw for us? Can we draw with you?" Molly immediately said, "Yes!" and the kids raced to their desks, grabbing clipboards, paper and pencil and got ready to draw. Molly taught them an amazingly simple way to draw a flamingo.
This video highlights just some of our time with Molly Idle. 
After our Skype session was over, the Explorers wanted to make even more flamingos. This time they decided to watercolor their illustrations in. They turned out beautiful!
Thank you Molly for sharing your time, your work and enthusiasm with us. You made 25 children, 2 teachers and a librarian very very happy.

P.S. If you happen to love Molly's illustrations as much as I do, you can purchase some of her prints at IdleIllustration at etsy. I recently fell in love and purchased the Flora and the Flamingo Pax De Deux.

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