Monday, February 9, 2015

Walking and Listening to Mouseheart

Fiedler, Lisa. Mouseheart. 7hours, 56 minutes, Simon and Schuster Audio, 2014. $15.95 via Audible.

As Hopper's mother is being removed from the cage that they call home in the pet shop, she tells Hopper to "Find the Muse." Having no idea what she meant or even if he has heard her properly, Hopper decides he must do just that, especially when a young boy comes in to buy some mice, Hopper and his siblings, to feed his pet boa constrictor. After a narrow escape, which causes Hopper to be separated from his siblings, he ends up in the subway tunnels in Brooklyn. There his life is in danger again until he meets up with Zucker, a rat, who takes him back to the Kingdom of Atlantia. Hopper is quickly enamored with Atlantia and believes all that he is told about it, little does he know the real purpose behind the refugee camps. One day while searching those refugee camps for his brother and sister it is raided by Firren and her band of rebels. Hopper is captured by her and taken back to the Moose, where he learns his true identity as the "Chosen One" and the truth about Atlantia. Not willing to believe the truth about Atlantia, Hopper decides he must escape and warn Emperor Titus of Atlantia of the impending attack. Once back in Atlantia, Hopper sees what the real truth is and must do everything in his power to protect Zucker, Ferrin and her band of rebels and aid them in their attack.

I purchased this book for the Warrior loving children in our school. Unfortunately, they haven't taken a liking to it and if I must admit it neither did I. If I had to pinpoint one thing I didn't care for in the book, it was Hopper. I didn't fall in love with Hopper. He wasn't endearing to me in anyway, I wasn't routing for him or hoping that he was going to find his siblings. I will say though that I liked Zucker and Ferrin quite a bit, unfortunately, my like of those characters isn't enough for me to read the  sequel.

Kriby Heyborne's best character voice in this audio book is of Emperor Titus. He sounded just as loud, vicious and despicable as I imagined him to be.

Sidenote: Loved that there was a character with my name in it, Marci.

The mornings while chilly by our standards have been just gorgeous lately. Here is a picture I took while out walking one morning, listening to Mouseheart.

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