Monday, March 23, 2015

Walking and Listening to "The Iron Trial"

Black, Holly and Cassandra Clare. The Iron Trial. 10 hours and 37 minutes, Listening Library, 2014, $45.00, 978-0-8041-2260-3.

Starting at a very young age, Call's father began to warn Call not only of the dangers of magic but also the dangers of The Magisterium. So when Call is invited to tryout for The Magisterium, Mr. Hunt stresses to Call the importance of purposefully failing the entrance tests. Call's testing turns out to be disastrous, setting things on fire, exploding pens and even scoring the lowest score out of all the applicants, but yet he still manages to gain entrance. Not sure as to what he should do, Call ends up attending The Magisterium to begin his mage training with Master Rufus. As he and his fellow apprentices, Aaron and Tamara are learning how to channel their magical abilities, he can't help but hear his father's warnings about magic in the back of his mind. However even with his father's warning, there is no way for Call to fully prepare for what is in store for him.

Paul Boemer does a nice job narrating this story. While there weren't any character voices that stood out to me and certain characters sounded a bit too much like others, listening to this story was still enjoyable.

One day while I was out walking and listening to this book, I saw this Minion kite stuck up in a tree. I am sure some child was very sad that their kite had blown away, but I could only imagine the hilarious things that the Minions were saying to each other.

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