Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking and Listening to "The Terrible Two"

Barnett, Mac and Jory John. The Terrible Two. 3 cd's. 3 hours 22 minutes. Blackstone Audio, 2015, $30.00, ISBN 978-1-4815-1530-6.

Having to move, leaving your friends and everything you know behind is never easy. But, it's even harder for Miles because he has built himself quite the reputation for being the ultimate prankster. When he arrives to school on the first day and sees the principal's car parked on the school steps, he realizes his new school already has a prankster, one better than he could ever be. While Miles has no idea who is behind this brilliant prank, he decides he needs to pull the ultimate prank, one that entails pranking everyone in the school, letting them know that there is another prankster in their midst. Will the prank birthday party for Cody Burr Tyler be everything Miles wanted it to be or will the whole prank backfire?

Adam Verner does a fabulous job narrating this audiobook. Each character was easily distinguishable and their personalities shown through. My favorite voice was that of Stewart. To me it sounded like a combination of Fozzie Bear and Animal from The Muppets. Loved it!

Side Note #1: As I was listening to this book I knew exactly which children to share it with. They have been loving it, telling their friends about it and now this book has a nice long waitlist.

Side Note #2: I loved the random cow facts scattered throughout the book.

While out walking, listening and cutting through the beach park, I took this picture. It was a gorgeous afternoon.

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