Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birds! Birds! Birds!

Birds! Birds! Birds! That is sure what if felt like as The Explorers were getting ready for their Skype visit with Molly Idle. We fell head over heels in love with Flora and loved that she did different activities (skating, fishing and ballet) with birds.While looking at her illustrations, we noticed that she uses a lot of curved lines. So we decided why not tie the two ideas, birds and curved lines, together? Each child choose a bird that that they wanted to learn more about and then did some research on it to decide what they would do with our birds, ala Flora.

The kids were super excited and we decided that the best way for us to learn about our birds was via PebbleGo. They loved how easy it was for them to find their birds and that there was a lot of information about each of the birds they had selected. The read aloud feature of PebbleGo made the process even easier and more fun.
After they had learned about their birds and learned their birds behavior and movements, they decided what they would do with their birds. For example one group learned that the kingfisher could dig with their feet so they decided that they would build sandcastles together. After learning that robins migrate, another group decided they would travel around the world with their bird. Since owls are nocturnal, the owl group was going to look at the moon and stars together.
Once it was decided what they activity was, I made book covers ala Flora and the kids began to draw themselves with the bird, doing the activity they had chosen however, they had to draw using curved lines like Molly Idle does. They were also only able to use colored pencils since that is what Molly uses. We talked about pressing hard like she does so that it looks more like paint than colored pencil.
Here is just one of the finished products.
This activity was a great way for the kids to learn a new skill (using PebbleGo), learn about an animal and create an illustration in a style they were learning about. We had a blast!

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