Sunday, April 26, 2015

Walking and Listening to "The Map to Everywhere"

Ryan, Carrie and John Parke Davis. The Map to Everywhere. 11 hours and 11 minutes. Hachette. 2014. $22.98. ISBN: 9781478955825.

Master Thief Fin is forgettable, which works to his advantage as he spends his days stealing objects throughout the Khaznot Quay. Marrill, who lives a world a way in Arizona, loves adventure and discovering new places. Their worlds collide as they are both looking for The Map to Everywhere, each hoping that the map will lead them to what they are looking for. For Fin, it is his mother. For Marrill, it is her way back to her family. You see, after receiving devastating news, Marrill goes off for a walk to clear her head. She ends up in an abandoned parking lot that seems to be filing up with water. She is even more shocked when a pirate ship appears seemingly out of nowhere. Marrill boards the ship, hoping that the wizard on board can help cure her mother. Little does she know it will soon take her away from her family and on the adventure of a lifetime. 

John Glouchevitch's narration of this story was the highlight for me. He did a fabulous job differentiating his voice to match the different characters, each one unique to the characters personalities. He also did a nice job showing the characters emotions through his voice. I look forward to listening to him read me another book soon.

Favorite Chapter Title: Thieves at a Pie Shop

One morning as I was out walking I walked right through a triathlon. 

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