Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walking and Listening to "Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters"

Hale, Shannon. Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters. 7 hours and 21 minutes. Audible. 2015, $17.95, ISBN 978-1619634855.

Excited to be returning to home to Mount Eskel and her family after a year away, Miri's excitement quickly vanishes when the King summons her just as she is about to depart. The King explains to Miri that she is needed to travel to Lesser Alva to begin a Princess Academy there, training three of the King's distant cousins to be princesses. The King believes that by having one of his cousins marry King Fader, a war between the two countries will be avoided. After making an agreement with the King regarding Mount Eskel's ownership, Miri agrees and travels to Lesser Alva. While Miri was aware that Lesser Alva was swampy, she was not prepared for the conditions that Astrid, Felissa and Sus, the King's distant cousins, live in- alone in a home with no furniture, having to forage and hunt for their meals since someone had been stealing the allowance the King was sending them. Miri quickly realizes that getting these girls to learn the information that she needs them to will be a lot harder than she ever imagined and that she will need to be creative in doing so. However, time is not on Miri's side as Lesser Alva is invaded by Storean soldiers. 

I enjoyed listening to Mandi Lee's reading of this audiobook. While there were only slight differences in the vocalizations in the sisters' voices, their personalities shined through making it easy to identify which sister was speaking. I really enjoyed listening to Miri because her emotions always came through in her voice which helped to emphasize what type of person Miri is and how she believed in doing what was right, standing up for what she believed in and helping others.

I switched my walking route up a bit while listening to this book, walking closer to school than home.

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