Sunday, May 24, 2015

PebbleGo, Poetry and Kindergarteners

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of PebbleGo. I love showing the children how easy it is to use, especially the kindergartners. After a lesson on how to use it and some time for exploration, I thought why not create a research/poetry project around PebbleGo. The teachers were on board, the kids were excited and I was raring to go!
First, each group had to chose an animal they were curious about or wanting to know more about. The only rule I had in selecting an animal was that the animal had to be on PebbleGo. They made their selections and then we checked to see if they were indeed on  PebbleGo. Out of the 63 groups I had researching, not one wasn't able to do the animal they had originally selected. That just goes to show how many animals are featured in the PebbleGo Animal module. Love it!
They immediately got to work, learning all that they could about their animals. Some children even followed me throughout the library sharing facts as they learned them. Many of the facts were new to me too.
After all the information was gathered, the children set to work writing cinquain poems about their animals. It was amazing to see them jump right in and be excited to write poetry.
After the poems were written, the children shared them with each other. But why not share them with even more people? The children came back to library to not only draw their animals on their poems, but to record them reading their poems as well.
We hope you enjoy the end result!

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