Sunday, July 5, 2015

Walking and Listening to "The Forbidden Library"

Wexler, Django. The Forbidden Library. 7 cd's. 8 hours 42 minutes, Listening Library, 2015, $45.00, ISBN 9781101891124

After the disappearance and presumed death of Alice's father, she is sent to live with her "uncle" a man she has never met, never heard of and didn't know she had any relation to. Not having any other place to go, she arrives at Uncle Geryon's, which is not your typically run of the mill home. She rarely sees anyone, it eerily silent and her meals and dishes seem to magically appear and disappear. Alice is thrilled when she is sent to help Mr. Wurms out in the library, a place she had been forbidden to go to alone. It is here that she hears a familiar voice, the fairy Vespidian, whom she had heard her father speaking to shortly before his death. He is talking to Mr. Black, hoping that he will be able to find The Dragon, a book that he needs in the library. Wanting to know more, Alice decides that she is going to sneak out that evening and head back to library. It is then that she meets Ashes, a cat, who she quickly befriends and who helps her discover that she has an ability that she never knew she had. Alice, it turns out, is a Reader, a magician, who Geryon wants to become his apprentice. Not really feeling she has any other choice but to become his apprentice, she accepts it and begins her search for The Dragon, hoping to find it before anyone else does.

I really enjoyed listening to Cassandra Morris read this book. She sounded youthful but not in a "I'm trying to sound like a kid," kind of way. She did a great job keeping the story moving along and I really enjoyed her vocalization of Ashes, the cat.

Favorite Chapter Title: Eavesdropping Again

Paddling season is well underway and every afternoon as I am out walking the ocean is full of canoes and paddlers.

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