Saturday, September 19, 2015

Third Graders Celebrating Dot Day Part One!

What an absolute blast I had celebrating Dot Day this year! Since this was the first time I was celebrating the Dot Day, I decided to focus on two grade levels, first and third. Each of the third grade classes did something different to kick off the celebration.

While we had some technical difficulties, Na Lupe still had a great time meeting Jody Amri's students in Oregon. Ms. Amri read the book The Dot to them and her students shared with us what they felt the message of the book was and even sang to us Emily Arrow's Dot Day song.
Na Manaku had an absolute blast creating dots using Quiver.  The directions I gave were simple, "Color in the dots anyway that you want." I didn't tell them what would happen to their dots once we opened the Quiver app. The joy and laughter was contagious.

Na Kukui had fun sharing both The Dot and Ish with Ms. Zamora's class in San Antonio,Texas. We also had a chance to get to know each other and learn a bit about each other's school.
Na Honu were able to meet with some of Ms. Scrimgeour's students in Vermont. We learned quite a bit about each other's states and how very different they are. We couldn't believe how long of a plane ride it would be for us to get from our state to theirs.
Na Hoku did a mystery Skype with Ms. Pressnel's 5th grade students in Alabama. It was a challenge for us to figure out where they were but once we did, we ended up learning so much about their state and the similarities and differences between our two states.
Our final third grade class of the week had a chance to not only do a mystery Skype with Ms. Bass' students in Oklahoma, but we were also able to solve some Dot Day riddles.
We had so much fun meeting friends in others states and learning from these different experiences, but the third graders are still not done. Tune in for what they do next to keep the Dot Day celebrations going.

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