Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Bees Meet Todd Parr (Via Skype That Is!)

"I think you are one of the coolest authors."
"I like your books because they are always colorful."
"I like your style of drawing."

These are just a few of the things that The Bees wrote in their thank you letters to Todd Parr after our amazingly fun Skype. Todd's energy and personality just jumped through the screen and we knew from the moment he answered our Skype call we were in for a good time.

One of the highlights for all of us was getting to hear Todd read us several of his books. The children had the opportunity to choose which one they wanted him to read and they unanimously chose to start with The Underwear Book. We were all laughing hysterically. We also got a special sneak peek of his soon to be published, The Goodbye Book. The class felt really special getting to hear him read it before anyone else did.
The Bees also got to learn how he makes his books and how he comes up with all of his ideas.
The class also had the opportunity to ask him questions. They asked him things like, "Why don't you use periods?" "Why do you end all your books with messages?" "Why are your people all different colors?" You can hear the answer to that question in the video below.
The kids and I decided to make out own version of Todd's The Feel Good Book. Using the Drawing Pad and Book Creator Apps on their iPads, we made the  book below, following in his style of art and writing.
Thank you Todd Parr for spending time with us, reading to us and making us laugh. It will be an experience we will never forget!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday to the Julia Ing Learning Center!

Happy 25th birthday to the Julia Ing Learning Center! For the last 25 years you have been a place where children can imagine, be inspired and discover the joy of reading. Thank you for being a space where children feel comfortable and welcome. Here's to many many more amazing years!

 Every birthday deserves a party, even one for a library. We were able to invite not only the Ing Family to join us, but one of our first grade classes was able to join us for cake and ice cream.
I shared the book Happy Birthday, Cupcake! by Terry Border and Wish: Wishing Traditions Around the World by Roseanne Thong with the class. 
After thinking about what we the library should wish for and hearing what Mrs. Ing wished for the library, we headed to the back tables to enjoy some ice cream and cake.
"Happy Birthday" was joyously sung by everyone.
The cake and ice cream were delicious!
To celebrate the big birthday, many classes created posters, letters, pictures, books, cards and videos to thank the Ing family for making our amazing space possible. This is just a small sampling of what the created.
By The Super Kids
By The Travelers
By Na Makali'i
By The Dazzlers
By The Chili Beans
By The Dragonflies
By The Explorers
By Na Hoku
By The Dolphins

We had great time celebrating the library's birthday! Everyone who visited the library this week is leaving with one of these fabulous birthday bookmarks. 
Happy Birthday Julia Ing Learning Center!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Walking and Listening to "George"

Gino, Alex. George. 3 cd's. 2 hours 57 minutes. Scholastic Audio. 2015. $24.99, ISBN 9780545880060.

From the moment I heard about George, I was dying to get my hands on it.   This book is going to make a difference with not only children and how they treat and accept one another, but with adults as well.

George has a secret, one she has kept from everyone. The secret is that she doesn't think of or see herself as a boy like everyone else does, she sees herself as a girl. George desperately wants to audition for the role of Charlotte in the class play Charlotte's Web. Not only is Charlotte an amazing character and one that George can relate to, but by playing Charlotte, George can reveal to everyone who she truly is. Unfortunately, the auditions go terribly as her teacher thinks that George is playing a joke on her and refuses to even let her audition for a "girl's role." When her best friend Kelly tries to cheer her up, George confides in her, asking simply, "What if I am a girl?" At first Kelly is confused by George's question. She soon comes to terms with it and helps George to set out what she wanted to do all along, play Charlotte and reveal her true self.

I just love it when an audiobook starts with music, fun upbeat music at that. Jamie Clayton's voice was the perfect choice for this book. To me, it wasn't gender specific, it didn't sound too masculine and it didn't come across as too feminine, it came across as neutral. I was thrilled to discover that Jamie Clayton is a transgendered actress. A perfect choice.

Just a few hours after I took this picture, there was a shark attack at this beach! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Third Graders Celebrate Dot Day Part Two!

After fantastic Skype sessions to celebrate Dot Day and creating dots using Quiver, the third graders continued the celebration. After  reading The Dot, they brought their iPads to the library and created dots using the Drawing Pad app. I love how incredibly easy it is to maneuver through this app, as well as the variety of drawing and painting tools that the students have access to. The students then took their pictures and put them into Book Creator. Each student was able to record themselves sharing how they were going to make their mark, whether it be at home, at school or in their community. I have loved listening to their final products and I am sure you will too.

I apologize for not having the correct diacritical marks. I was unable to make them on Book Creator.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dolphins and The Dragonflies Meet Greg Pizzoli (Via Skype That Is!)

"Greg Pizzoli is so silly!"
"I love him"
"We had a wonderful day!"

The Dolphins and The Dragonflies started their morning off by meeting the hilarious author and illustrator Greg Pizzoli. The children were immediately comfortable with him, talking to him as if he were someone they had known forever, a friend. They were not only able to see a drawing that he had made as a child, but they also saw his studio, which was a hot topic of discussion afterwards.
How often do children actually get a chance to have an author read their books out loud to them? In my opinion, it is not often enough, and luckily for us, Greg read us four of his books! 

They laughed hysterically every time he said the title of the book followed by "By Greg Pizzoli." "We know it's you!" was said between laughs after each time he said it. I love how the kids don't  refer to him as "Mr. Pizzoli" or "Greg", they refer to him "Greg Pizzoli" as if is name was one word. Getting a sneak peek of Goodnight Owl was also a treat, the children had a blast searching for Mouse in all the pictures and were laughing hysterically over Owl's over the top behavior.
 The icing on the cake was having Greg teach us how to draw Sam. The kids were thrilled since they are huge fans of Number One Sam. I love how easy it was for the kids to follow along and draw alongside him.

"This is turning out really great Greg Pizzoli"-said a child as they were drawing alongside him.
Thank you Greg Pizzoli for spending time with us this morning. The kids laughed, the teachers laughed. We had an absolute blast! 

Here are some of the Kroc's the classes had made prior to our Skype. The students have loved seeing their Kroc's hanging up in the library and siblings have been pointing out their brother and sisters work. I love how proud they all are.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Walking and Listening to "Flunked"

Calonita, Jen. Flunked. 5 cd's, 5 hours, 19 minutes, Dreamscape Audio. 2015, $29.95. ISBN 9781633797079.

Poor Gilly, she is only stealing from the Royals of Enchantasia to pro-vide food for her brothers and sisters. Her father's shoe business has fallen on hard times and her family is struggling. Unfortunately for Gil-ly, after being caught one too many times she is sentenced to Fairy T-ale Reform School. F.T.R.S, as it is commonly known, was started by Flora, Cinderella's wicked stepmother, after she encountered quite t-he backlash for her treatment of Cinderella. She has since turned her wicked ways around and now wants to do the same for others. Gilly, a thinker, helps two new friends, Jax and Kayla, almost as soon as she arrives. Gilly soon realizes that things are not quite what they seem at F.T.R.S., especially af-ter she and Jax have a run-in with live gargoyles. Gilly immediately thinks Headmistress Fl-ora has something to do it and begins to snoop around only to be completely shocked by wh-at she discovers.

I really enjoyed the music at the beginning and ending of this audio book. It transported me 
into another place and time. While I felt that Kristin Condon did a great job moving the 
story along, I wasn't a huge fan of her vocalization of Gilly. I felt that it really lacked emotion and enthusiasm. In my opinion, the only characters that really stood out vocally were Ollie 
and Kayla.

I just loved the way the sun was shining down on the Mokealueas on this particular morning while I was out walking.
I apologize for all the weird hyphens, something wonky was going on while I writing this and there was no way around them.

October Bulletin Boards

My favorite holiday is upon us again and we went all out with decorations again this October.
Shhh! Our pumpkins are reading! They are not the only ones reading, our circulation went up over 500 books this past month from last year. The kids are reading up a storm!
Greg just can't get into the Halloween spirit this year even with his new wig.
Books that feature "things that go bump in the night" are on the back bulletin board.
Happy Birthday to author and Illustrator Peter McCarty!
No Halloween is complete without creepy creatures. This year we are featuring spindiddly spiders.