Sunday, October 4, 2015

Walking and Listening to "Flunked"

Calonita, Jen. Flunked. 5 cd's, 5 hours, 19 minutes, Dreamscape Audio. 2015, $29.95. ISBN 9781633797079.

Poor Gilly, she is only stealing from the Royals of Enchantasia to pro-vide food for her brothers and sisters. Her father's shoe business has fallen on hard times and her family is struggling. Unfortunately for Gil-ly, after being caught one too many times she is sentenced to Fairy T-ale Reform School. F.T.R.S, as it is commonly known, was started by Flora, Cinderella's wicked stepmother, after she encountered quite t-he backlash for her treatment of Cinderella. She has since turned her wicked ways around and now wants to do the same for others. Gilly, a thinker, helps two new friends, Jax and Kayla, almost as soon as she arrives. Gilly soon realizes that things are not quite what they seem at F.T.R.S., especially af-ter she and Jax have a run-in with live gargoyles. Gilly immediately thinks Headmistress Fl-ora has something to do it and begins to snoop around only to be completely shocked by wh-at she discovers.

I really enjoyed the music at the beginning and ending of this audio book. It transported me 
into another place and time. While I felt that Kristin Condon did a great job moving the 
story along, I wasn't a huge fan of her vocalization of Gilly. I felt that it really lacked emotion and enthusiasm. In my opinion, the only characters that really stood out vocally were Ollie 
and Kayla.

I just loved the way the sun was shining down on the Mokealueas on this particular morning while I was out walking.
I apologize for all the weird hyphens, something wonky was going on while I writing this and there was no way around them.

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