Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dolphins and The Dragonflies Meet Greg Pizzoli (Via Skype That Is!)

"Greg Pizzoli is so silly!"
"I love him"
"We had a wonderful day!"

The Dolphins and The Dragonflies started their morning off by meeting the hilarious author and illustrator Greg Pizzoli. The children were immediately comfortable with him, talking to him as if he were someone they had known forever, a friend. They were not only able to see a drawing that he had made as a child, but they also saw his studio, which was a hot topic of discussion afterwards.
How often do children actually get a chance to have an author read their books out loud to them? In my opinion, it is not often enough, and luckily for us, Greg read us four of his books! 

They laughed hysterically every time he said the title of the book followed by "By Greg Pizzoli." "We know it's you!" was said between laughs after each time he said it. I love how the kids don't  refer to him as "Mr. Pizzoli" or "Greg", they refer to him "Greg Pizzoli" as if is name was one word. Getting a sneak peek of Goodnight Owl was also a treat, the children had a blast searching for Mouse in all the pictures and were laughing hysterically over Owl's over the top behavior.
 The icing on the cake was having Greg teach us how to draw Sam. The kids were thrilled since they are huge fans of Number One Sam. I love how easy it was for the kids to follow along and draw alongside him.

"This is turning out really great Greg Pizzoli"-said a child as they were drawing alongside him.
Thank you Greg Pizzoli for spending time with us this morning. The kids laughed, the teachers laughed. We had an absolute blast! 

Here are some of the Kroc's the classes had made prior to our Skype. The students have loved seeing their Kroc's hanging up in the library and siblings have been pointing out their brother and sisters work. I love how proud they all are.

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