Saturday, October 24, 2015

Walking and Listening to "George"

Gino, Alex. George. 3 cd's. 2 hours 57 minutes. Scholastic Audio. 2015. $24.99, ISBN 9780545880060.

From the moment I heard about George, I was dying to get my hands on it.   This book is going to make a difference with not only children and how they treat and accept one another, but with adults as well.

George has a secret, one she has kept from everyone. The secret is that she doesn't think of or see herself as a boy like everyone else does, she sees herself as a girl. George desperately wants to audition for the role of Charlotte in the class play Charlotte's Web. Not only is Charlotte an amazing character and one that George can relate to, but by playing Charlotte, George can reveal to everyone who she truly is. Unfortunately, the auditions go terribly as her teacher thinks that George is playing a joke on her and refuses to even let her audition for a "girl's role." When her best friend Kelly tries to cheer her up, George confides in her, asking simply, "What if I am a girl?" At first Kelly is confused by George's question. She soon comes to terms with it and helps George to set out what she wanted to do all along, play Charlotte and reveal her true self.

I just love it when an audiobook starts with music, fun upbeat music at that. Jamie Clayton's voice was the perfect choice for this book. To me, it wasn't gender specific, it didn't sound too masculine and it didn't come across as too feminine, it came across as neutral. I was thrilled to discover that Jamie Clayton is a transgendered actress. A perfect choice.

Just a few hours after I took this picture, there was a shark attack at this beach! 

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