Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hour of Code

Way back, at the start of the month, the second graders and I celebrated Hour of Code. We had an absolute blast!
Since the classroom teachers were all going to have the students use their iPads for Hour of Code, I decided to do one of the non-iPad lessons from Kodable.

Acting as the students robot, the students had to program me to walk from one X on the ground to another. Once they were able to create a code to get me across the room, they then got to decide what they wanted their robot to do and programmed that to happen. They had me skipping, galloping, shuffling, flying, singing Jingle Bells, jumping and screaming "Whee!" It was hilarious and we were all laughing hysterically.   
Hour of Code was such a huge success that I will definitely be participating in it again next year. This activity also led beautifully into our unit on biographies, which I started off with the biographies on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

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