Monday, January 18, 2016

Walking and Listening to "The Doldrums"

Gannon, Nicholas. The Doldrums. 5 cd's. 6 hours, 15 minutes, Harper Collins Audio. 2015.

Archer was born a dreamer and an adventurer, going on secret trips with his dad, talking to the taxidermy animals throughout the house and hiding the secret packages he receives from his grandparents. This is suddenly put to a stop however when his grandparents, famous explorers, go missing a top of an iceberg in Arctic. Once this happens, his mother does everything she can to squash his desire to explore, only allowing him to leave the house to attend school. Two years after his grandparents disappearance, their belongings arrive at the house, further igniting Archer's desire to find them. Teaming up with new found friends, Oliver and Adelaide, Archer begins to plan the ultimate adventure, one that is of course not easily executed.
Note: This books cover does not scream for children to pick it up. It took some book talking and once I started, it hasn't stayed on the shelf.

Bronson Pinchot never ceases to amaze me in his narration. His character voices are fantastic, each unique and fitting of the character. My personal favorite was that of Mrs. Murkley, the teacher and neighbor you never ever want to have.

Favorite Chapter Title:  It was really hard to pick one, as there were so many. So I went with three. Wonders of Weeding, A Difficult Pea to Swallow and A Pathetic Croissant

The sunrises in the winter can be quite spectacular.

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