Saturday, February 27, 2016

World Read Aloud Day Wrap-Up!

Holy World Read Aloud Day Fun! We celebrated with 14 Skype and Google Hangout sessions, 9 with classes around the world and 5 with authors. Here's a quick recap of all the different students that we met.
We started the week off by meeting one of Sherell Stepp's classes in North Carolina. After Da Kind Geese got to know a little bit about their new friends, Ms. Stepp and I went onto share two super fun books, Wolfie the Bunny and A Bear Ate Your Sandwich.
Later in the day, The Super Kids met some of Catherine Word's 4th graders in Louisiana. They asked us some interesting questions, wanting to know if we had volcano drills and if we ate snow cones in the summer. We let them know that we call "snow cones" shave ice and eat them all year long. Two of her students read Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude to us. We loved it!
Day Two of WRAD was all about Google Hangouts! Na He'e Nalu had a chance to meet students in the Mira Costa High School Library Club. They shared The Lorax with us and the students really loved being read out loud to be older students.
Next Na Honu got a chance to meet some of Shaelynn Bates' second graders in Washington. Ms. Bates and I took turns reading, The Book With No Pictures. Na Honu were laughing hysterically at the all the sounds that we had to make while we were reading the book.
Hooray! Today was the official World Read Aloud Day! We celebrated with 4 author Skypes (during which we also met children from Maryland and Georgia). You can read all about our World Read Aloud Day author Skype sessions here. We also had a chance to Skype with Erika Victor's 3rd graders in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The students had so much fun taking turns reading Have You Seen My Hat and I Want My Hat Back.
Na Kukui were thrilled that Kim Busch's students in North Carolina wanted to read to them. They shared Rainbow Fish and Red with us. The students did a great job reading the stories. Na Pueo met some of Joe Romano's kindergarteners in Tacoma Washington. I had so much fun reading The Book With No Pictures with Joe.
We ended the celebration of World Read Aloud Day with Jeanne Cook's kindergartners in Missouri. We had so much fun reading It's a Tiger! During the story we swung from vines, climbed onto ships and walked through caves. 
Thank you to all the librarians, teachers and students we met throughout the week. It was great meeting you and I hope we can do it all again next year.

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