Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Buff and Blue Ohana, Smart Surfers, Star Runners and Meet Stuart Gibbs (Via Skype That Is!)

Last month the Buff and Blue Ohana, Smart Surfers and Star Runners had a chance to meet one of their absolute favorite authors Stuart Gibbs. From the moment the Skype started to the end, they were bombarding him with questions, wanting to know everything from, "Which zoo inspired you to write the Fun Jungle series" to "What do you do if you are in a slump?" to "Why do you put your kids in your books?"

While most authors say, write what you know about, Stuart believes you should write about what you are interested in. One of the students asked him about researching all of the animals in his Fun Jungle series and about his visits to zoos. Here's a snippet of that answer. (Video will not appear if you are using Safari)
One of the kids asked, "Can we get a sneak peek of the new Fun Jungle book?" We were lucky to get a chance to see the first draft of the cover for Panda-monium. The oohs and ahh's were so much fun to listen to. The kids were also thrilled to see the covers for the upcoming new Spy School book and Moon Base Alpha book. The countdown to these releases has begun!
Thank you Stuart for spending time with us and answering all of our questions. The children, teachers and I had an absolute blast! The kids are even bigger fans now.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Bulletin Boards

March is here and we are in a mad dash to get approximately 8,000 of our books packed up ready for phase one of our move. Once we do that, we have to re-arrange the remaining books to clear the shelving that will be a part of that move.
Since we are so busy, we decided to keep our giant bulletin board the same as last month.
Greg is having a bit of an identity crisis this month. He isn't sure if he should channel his inner leprechaun or his inner Easter Bunny. I think the leprechaun is winning.
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Happy Birthday also to the hilarious Doreen Cronin!
With both St. Patrick's Day and Easter falling this month, we spilt up the back bulletin board to feature each holiday or aspects of each holiday.
Spread amongst our Easter books are Easter eggs. How long will it take the kids to open them up and find secret messages in some of them?