Thursday, April 14, 2016

Walking and Listening to "Pax"

Pennypacker, Sara. Pax. Harper Audio, 2016. 5 cd's, 5 hours and 30  minutes. $25.99. ISBN 9780062443960.

Pax has been an important part of Peter's life since the moment Peter discovered the baby fox in the woods. This all changes however when Peter's father joins the military. Peter will now need to live with his grandfather and bringing along Pax would be another burden placed on Grandpa. Peter's father demands that he return Pax to the wild. Heartbroken by what what he has done, Peter decides he will do anything and everything he can to get Pax back, even if that means entering a war zone himself.

Michael Curran-Dorsano's voice was calm and soothing and yet able to convey the urgency Peter felt to find Pax. I loved how the story was told from both Peter and Pax's perspectives. I felt that this further showed the bond and the love that these two characters had for one another. Pax  is a truly beautiful story that I can't stop telling students about. Animal lover or not, you'll love this book too.

One cloudy, windy morning out walking.

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