Sunday, June 5, 2016

We're on the move!

That's right, we're moving, temporarily that is, while our library is undergoing a massive renovation and expansion. What does that mean for us? Packing up and moving to two separate locations, one spot for the kindergarteners and first graders and another for our second through fourth grade students.

Step One: Before Spring Break, I needed to decide what was going up to our mini-library for our kindergarten and first grade students. Those 8,000 books were boxed up and sent to the K-1 Neighborhood. The shelving we were using for that location had to be moved then too.
Step Two: Make boxes: Every free moment that we had was spent making boxes, hundreds of them. This picture doesn't even show half of what we made.
Step Three: Close the library. We had to close the library at the start of May so that we would have time to pack everything up, over 22,000 books and all the contents of our cupboards, storage room and desks. 
Step Four: While the boxing of books was going on, we were also cleaning out our cupboards and desks. Some of the finds were amazing like books for 1866 that only cost a penny or the original plans for this facility. Others made us scratch are heads, twelve strands of Christmas tree lights? A full boxes of perforated computer paper? 300 hanging name tag holders?
Step Five: Take apart and move the shelving. Our amazing Physical Plant came in and began to break up all the shelving we were taking with us. They then began to the task of moving it down to our new 2nd-4th grade location.
Step Seven: Loading up the wagon! Multiple times a day I would load up a trusty little red wagon with things that wouldn't fit into boxes or to move smaller non-book boxes and take it to one of our new locations. 
Step Eight: Garage Sale!All items were free and were things that we no longer had the room to store or didn't have a need for.

Final Step: Move the books! Thankfully our wonderful Physical Plant stepped in and did this for us. Now we can begin the process of unpacking it all.

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