Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dot Day with the First Graders!

 "Hey, this is just like that song We're Going on a Bear Hunt, except we are looking for dots!"
"Look at all these dots! They're everywhere!"
"Look, it's double dots!"

The first graders and I grabbed our iPads and headed out of the library to go looking for dots. We could not believe how many dots we found and were we found them. They were in the classroom, on upper and lower playground, on the sidewalks and even on each other!  One day we had to do our dot hunt indoors due to pouring rain and we were still able to find an insane amount of dots.
"I have 30 pictures!"
"Legos are covered in dots!"
We then headed back to the library and had the difficult task of narrowing down our pictures. Each child had to decide which one was their favorite. That picture was placed into Explain Everything where the children then recorded a description of their dots. 
"Wearable dot" "Kickable, puntable dot" 'Pipe dot in the rocks" "Dusty, dirty, outside dot."
Take a moment to listen to their poems.
Dot Day Poem by The Seahorses
Dot Day Poem by The Dazzlers
Dot Day Poem by Na He'e Nalu
Dot Day Poem by Na O'Opu
A Dot Day Poem by Na Hoe Wa'a 

The Cool Fish had the opportunity to meet some students in Tasmania, Australia! We talked about what foods we like, what sports we play and had an opportunity to learn about animals that are unique to Tasmania. We are planning on staying in touch with our new friends.

Dot Day with the Second Graders!

 "If you could encourage someone to try something, what would it be?"
"To snorkel"
"To make a new friend"
"To doodle"
"To ride a horse"
"To dance Tahitian"
"Try to do something that you're scared of"
These are just a handful of the answers I got from the second graders as we got ready to make our Dot Day trading cards. They were thrilled to know that these trading cards were going to be sent to the children they were going to Skype with the following week.
Here's a small sampling of our trading cards!
One of the second grade classes created a different type of dot to send to their new Skype friends. They carefully decorated a dot that was going to be cut in half. One half was for them to keep, the other to be sent off to their buddy. We look forward to getting dot halves back from our buddies so we can connect the two pieces. 
After all of our dot creating, we continued celebrating by meeting new friends via Skype! Wow! Did we have fun! Na Pueo did a mystery Skype with Ms. Pressnell's students in Alabama. We were all shocked when we guessed where they were after the FIRST clue! Ms. Pressnell said that had never happened before. The clue? "We have 2 football teams here."
The Dragonflies had a chance to meet Ms. Schnurr's students in Texas. We showed them some of our Dot Day trading cards which we later mailed off to them. Our students were shocked that it would take them 5 hours to get to the beach and that they could drive for 10 hour and still be in Texas! We also had some time to create dots and then used the Quiver app to make them come to life. "It's on my foot!" "You can pop them!" 
The Mindful Musubi did a mystery Skype with Ms. Langenhorst's students in Iowa. They gave us some great clues but it took us a long time to figure out that they were in Iowa. 
The Sea Stars did a mystery Skype with Mrs. Bass' students in Oklahoma. We played a game where we looked at dot photos and had to figure out what animal or object the dot was on. Some of them were so hard!
The Geckos had a blast using Quiver to bring their dots to life.
The Kind Geese met Mrs. Gardner in Maryland. We had some technical difficulties but were eventually able to make a connection and do a mystery Skype to figure out where Mrs. Gardner was. 

Thank you to all the students, teachers and librarians we connected with. It was great to meet you all!

Dot Day with the Third Graders

Our third graders spend the year learning about our islands, as well as the importance of "Being Pono." The ideas behind being pono tie in perfectly with the theme of Dot Day. We brainstormed ways that we could all make our mark in some little way. Using Drawing Pad, the student were able to make some amazing dot drawings. We then imported those drawings into Explain Everything where the students could record how they were going to make their marks.
Na Hoku make their mark!
Na Lupe are making their mark!
Na Manaku are making their mark!
Na Honu are making their mark!
Na Kupulau are making their mark!

Na Honu had an opportunity to Skype with some Pre-K students in Denver. They enjoyed meeting them and reading them The Dot

Dot Day with the Fourth Graders!

 Many of the fourth graders celebrated Dot Day last year and were super excited to celebrate it again this year. I decided to start with having the children create their own dot art but also wanted to tie it into the book Ish. So after they were done with their art, they needed to title it something-ish. They quickly began creating big, little, single and multiple dots dots. I loved how creative they all were and loved seeing how much fun they were having. Here is just a sampling of what they created.
We then started to meet new friends via Skype.
The Buff and Blue Ohana got a chance to meet Ms. McCoy's kindergartener's in Kansas. We read the book  Interrupting Chickens together and then taught each other some of the different languages that we know. The kindergartener's taught us sign language and we taught them Hawaiian. We also taught them how to shaka.
The Reid Runners had a chance to do a mystery Skype and meet some of Ms. Iwanicki's students in Connecticut. They gave us some great clues, but it took us a while to figure out where they were. 
Mr. S's class met did a mystery Skype with Ms. Lemon's students in Texas. We taught them to do the hula and they taught us how to do the two-step.
The Fantastic Foxes and the Traveler's met some of Ms. Zimmerman's fourth graders in Denver. They both had amazing mystery Skype sessions and learned quite a bit about each other and where they live.
The Shooting Stars had a chance to meet some of Ms. Berry's second graders in Massachusetts and we created a dot together using Google Draw.
The Manatee's recorded a Skype video for some of Ms. Henderson's students in Tennessee. We had so much fun creating it and were laughing so hard, I forgot to take pictures of it.
The Smart Surfer's met Ms. Amri's students in Oregon. We did a mystery Skype and had so much fun figuring out where they were and learning facts about Oregon.
We had so much fun celebrating Dot Day this year and so much fun meeting so many new friends across the United States.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Walking and Listening to "The Wild Robot"

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
4 hours 14 minutes
Hachette Audio. 2016

Roz washed upon an island when the cargo ship carrying her and hundreds of other robots sank in a hurricane. As otters stumble amongst the broken robots, they see a crate, fairly intact and begin to tear it open. In doing so, they touch upon a button on the back of Roz's head, waking her up. Word quickly spreads amongst the animal inhabitants of the island that there is a monster in their midst. While out one day, Roz accidentally destroys a goose nest. She is able to save just one of the eggs and protects it as best she can. Upon hatching, the gosling, Brightbill, thinks Roz is her mother and follows her everywhere. When the animals see Roz and Brightbill together their opinions of her slowly begin to change. When their island is threatened, the inhabitants truly see what an amazing robot Roz is and what lengths she will go to to protect her son and her community.

Kate Atwater is phenomenal in the reading of this book. Her vocalizations are unique to each character, capturing their personalities perfectly. I loved how her vocalization of Brightbill addressed his maturing from when he was a young gosling to when he returned from his first migration. I loved all the sound effects that were in the beginning and ending of the book. This really helped to put me on the island with the animals.  

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go walking on the afternoon this photo was taken. It had been pouring rain all morning and had only stopped an hour or so before this picture was taken. What a difference an hour can make.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Walking and Listening to "Full of Beans"

Holm, Jennifer. Full of Beans. 3 hours and 36 minutes. Listening Library, 2016, $27.00. ISBN:978-0735207547.

Beans loves living in Key West even though times are tough. It is the Great Depression after all. His father has left town to look for work, his mother takes in laundry to help make ends meet and Beans and his brother Kermit dig though the trash looking for cans to earn a little money to go to the movies. Kermit and his gang, The Keepsies, named that for being the best marble players in town, are suspicious when Mr. Stone comes to town. He claims that he is part of the New Deal but Beans doesn't trust him since he goes around town in his underwear (Bermuda shorts) and wants people to "volunteer" to clean-up the town. When Beans learns that his father is still unable to get work, he takes on a job he may later regret.

I loved this book from the moment it started and can't wait to get into the hands of my students. There are struggles, lessons to be learned, friendships that are unbreakable and throughout it all there is humor.  Because the characters are so relatable I think that this book will give children a portrayal of the Great Depression that they can understand and become forever grateful that they don't have to use pages of a Sears catalog as toilet paper.  The characters nicknames, which according to the book is normal for Key West, were fabulous, Porkchop, Johnny Cakes, Too Bad and my personal favorite Bring Back My Hammer. 

Favorite Chapter Title: The Diaper Gang

As I was walking I saw this excavator digging up sand and cleaning up the stream that leads out to the ocean.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

September Bulletin Boards

The new school year has begun which means new bulletin boards! We were able to bring two of our bulletin boards with us into our new space. This has helped us to brighten up our space and make us feel at home. Greg also came along for the ride.

The students are greeted by this bright bulletin board,"Back to School, Ready to Grow!"
Followed by "Our Library is Un-bee-lieveable"
Greg doesn't seem real thrilled with the start of the school year. Maybe it's because his arms are trapped inside his shirt?