Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dot Day with the First Graders!

 "Hey, this is just like that song We're Going on a Bear Hunt, except we are looking for dots!"
"Look at all these dots! They're everywhere!"
"Look, it's double dots!"

The first graders and I grabbed our iPads and headed out of the library to go looking for dots. We could not believe how many dots we found and were we found them. They were in the classroom, on upper and lower playground, on the sidewalks and even on each other!  One day we had to do our dot hunt indoors due to pouring rain and we were still able to find an insane amount of dots.
"I have 30 pictures!"
"Legos are covered in dots!"
We then headed back to the library and had the difficult task of narrowing down our pictures. Each child had to decide which one was their favorite. That picture was placed into Explain Everything where the children then recorded a description of their dots. 
"Wearable dot" "Kickable, puntable dot" 'Pipe dot in the rocks" "Dusty, dirty, outside dot."
Take a moment to listen to their poems.
Dot Day Poem by The Seahorses
Dot Day Poem by The Dazzlers
Dot Day Poem by Na He'e Nalu
Dot Day Poem by Na O'Opu
A Dot Day Poem by Na Hoe Wa'a 

The Cool Fish had the opportunity to meet some students in Tasmania, Australia! We talked about what foods we like, what sports we play and had an opportunity to learn about animals that are unique to Tasmania. We are planning on staying in touch with our new friends.

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