Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dot Day with the Fourth Graders!

 Many of the fourth graders celebrated Dot Day last year and were super excited to celebrate it again this year. I decided to start with having the children create their own dot art but also wanted to tie it into the book Ish. So after they were done with their art, they needed to title it something-ish. They quickly began creating big, little, single and multiple dots dots. I loved how creative they all were and loved seeing how much fun they were having. Here is just a sampling of what they created.
We then started to meet new friends via Skype.
The Buff and Blue Ohana got a chance to meet Ms. McCoy's kindergartener's in Kansas. We read the book  Interrupting Chickens together and then taught each other some of the different languages that we know. The kindergartener's taught us sign language and we taught them Hawaiian. We also taught them how to shaka.
The Reid Runners had a chance to do a mystery Skype and meet some of Ms. Iwanicki's students in Connecticut. They gave us some great clues, but it took us a while to figure out where they were. 
Mr. S's class met did a mystery Skype with Ms. Lemon's students in Texas. We taught them to do the hula and they taught us how to do the two-step.
The Fantastic Foxes and the Traveler's met some of Ms. Zimmerman's fourth graders in Denver. They both had amazing mystery Skype sessions and learned quite a bit about each other and where they live.
The Shooting Stars had a chance to meet some of Ms. Berry's second graders in Massachusetts and we created a dot together using Google Draw.
The Manatee's recorded a Skype video for some of Ms. Henderson's students in Tennessee. We had so much fun creating it and were laughing so hard, I forgot to take pictures of it.
The Smart Surfer's met Ms. Amri's students in Oregon. We did a mystery Skype and had so much fun figuring out where they were and learning facts about Oregon.
We had so much fun celebrating Dot Day this year and so much fun meeting so many new friends across the United States.

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