Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dot Day with the Second Graders!

 "If you could encourage someone to try something, what would it be?"
"To snorkel"
"To make a new friend"
"To doodle"
"To ride a horse"
"To dance Tahitian"
"Try to do something that you're scared of"
These are just a handful of the answers I got from the second graders as we got ready to make our Dot Day trading cards. They were thrilled to know that these trading cards were going to be sent to the children they were going to Skype with the following week.
Here's a small sampling of our trading cards!
One of the second grade classes created a different type of dot to send to their new Skype friends. They carefully decorated a dot that was going to be cut in half. One half was for them to keep, the other to be sent off to their buddy. We look forward to getting dot halves back from our buddies so we can connect the two pieces. 
After all of our dot creating, we continued celebrating by meeting new friends via Skype! Wow! Did we have fun! Na Pueo did a mystery Skype with Ms. Pressnell's students in Alabama. We were all shocked when we guessed where they were after the FIRST clue! Ms. Pressnell said that had never happened before. The clue? "We have 2 football teams here."
The Dragonflies had a chance to meet Ms. Schnurr's students in Texas. We showed them some of our Dot Day trading cards which we later mailed off to them. Our students were shocked that it would take them 5 hours to get to the beach and that they could drive for 10 hour and still be in Texas! We also had some time to create dots and then used the Quiver app to make them come to life. "It's on my foot!" "You can pop them!" 
The Mindful Musubi did a mystery Skype with Ms. Langenhorst's students in Iowa. They gave us some great clues but it took us a long time to figure out that they were in Iowa. 
The Sea Stars did a mystery Skype with Mrs. Bass' students in Oklahoma. We played a game where we looked at dot photos and had to figure out what animal or object the dot was on. Some of them were so hard!
The Geckos had a blast using Quiver to bring their dots to life.
The Kind Geese met Mrs. Gardner in Maryland. We had some technical difficulties but were eventually able to make a connection and do a mystery Skype to figure out where Mrs. Gardner was. 

Thank you to all the students, teachers and librarians we connected with. It was great to meet you all!

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