Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dot Day with the Third Graders

Our third graders spend the year learning about our islands, as well as the importance of "Being Pono." The ideas behind being pono tie in perfectly with the theme of Dot Day. We brainstormed ways that we could all make our mark in some little way. Using Drawing Pad, the student were able to make some amazing dot drawings. We then imported those drawings into Explain Everything where the students could record how they were going to make their marks.
Na Hoku make their mark!
Na Lupe are making their mark!
Na Manaku are making their mark!
Na Honu are making their mark!
Na Kupulau are making their mark!

Na Honu had an opportunity to Skype with some Pre-K students in Denver. They enjoyed meeting them and reading them The Dot

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