Saturday, September 10, 2016

Walking and Listening to "Full of Beans"

Holm, Jennifer. Full of Beans. 3 hours and 36 minutes. Listening Library, 2016, $27.00. ISBN:978-0735207547.

Beans loves living in Key West even though times are tough. It is the Great Depression after all. His father has left town to look for work, his mother takes in laundry to help make ends meet and Beans and his brother Kermit dig though the trash looking for cans to earn a little money to go to the movies. Kermit and his gang, The Keepsies, named that for being the best marble players in town, are suspicious when Mr. Stone comes to town. He claims that he is part of the New Deal but Beans doesn't trust him since he goes around town in his underwear (Bermuda shorts) and wants people to "volunteer" to clean-up the town. When Beans learns that his father is still unable to get work, he takes on a job he may later regret.

I loved this book from the moment it started and can't wait to get into the hands of my students. There are struggles, lessons to be learned, friendships that are unbreakable and throughout it all there is humor.  Because the characters are so relatable I think that this book will give children a portrayal of the Great Depression that they can understand and become forever grateful that they don't have to use pages of a Sears catalog as toilet paper.  The characters nicknames, which according to the book is normal for Key West, were fabulous, Porkchop, Johnny Cakes, Too Bad and my personal favorite Bring Back My Hammer. 

Favorite Chapter Title: The Diaper Gang

As I was walking I saw this excavator digging up sand and cleaning up the stream that leads out to the ocean.

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