Sunday, September 18, 2016

Walking and Listening to "The Wild Robot"

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
4 hours 14 minutes
Hachette Audio. 2016

Roz washed upon an island when the cargo ship carrying her and hundreds of other robots sank in a hurricane. As otters stumble amongst the broken robots, they see a crate, fairly intact and begin to tear it open. In doing so, they touch upon a button on the back of Roz's head, waking her up. Word quickly spreads amongst the animal inhabitants of the island that there is a monster in their midst. While out one day, Roz accidentally destroys a goose nest. She is able to save just one of the eggs and protects it as best she can. Upon hatching, the gosling, Brightbill, thinks Roz is her mother and follows her everywhere. When the animals see Roz and Brightbill together their opinions of her slowly begin to change. When their island is threatened, the inhabitants truly see what an amazing robot Roz is and what lengths she will go to to protect her son and her community.

Kate Atwater is phenomenal in the reading of this book. Her vocalizations are unique to each character, capturing their personalities perfectly. I loved how her vocalization of Brightbill addressed his maturing from when he was a young gosling to when he returned from his first migration. I loved all the sound effects that were in the beginning and ending of the book. This really helped to put me on the island with the animals.  

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go walking on the afternoon this photo was taken. It had been pouring rain all morning and had only stopped an hour or so before this picture was taken. What a difference an hour can make.

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