Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Cool Fish and Na Pua Melia Celebrate Shy's Birthday with Deborah Freedman (via Skype that is)!

 The Cool Fish and Na Pua Melia and I had been waiting for this day for what seemed like forever! We had been counting down until we got to Skype with our friend Deborah Freedman and celebrate her amazing new book Shy.

We were thrilled to see that she was ready to celebrate with balloons in the background and party hats on her stuffed animals. She showed us a birthday cake she had made for the occasion, banana cake with peanut butter frosting. It sounded delicious! The children and I sang "Happy Book Birthday to Shy" as our time together started.
Ms. Freedman talked to us about the parts of a book, focusing on the gutter. This was super important because it turns out that is where Shy was hiding. We were hoping Shy would come out from the gutter as she read the book but we had no idea if that would happen. We could not wait for her to start reading!

The details in the illustrations were simply stunning. We saw Shy's footprints as they cautiously came out of the gutter in hopes of finding the little yellow bird that had flown over them. We were so anxious to find out who Shy was! Was Shy an ostrich like we had guessed? Was Shy an elephant? An aardvark?
Since we were the last Skype of the day, we had an opportunity to ask Ms. Freedman some questions. Na Pua Melia had just read her book Scribble.  Before I had read the book I told them to look for the ketchup scene as I had heard there was one in the book. We searched high and low for it but couldn't find it. We had to ask for some help! 
We also learned why she made the characters in Shy all animals and not humans. We learned too as to where she had gotten the idea of Shy from and how long it took her to write and illustrate it.

Before our time with Ms. Freedman was up, we encouraged her to eat a slice of the yummy cake she had made before her husband came home for work. We thought she deserved to celebrate such a wonderful book. The children and I said goodbye and had a popsicle celebration in honor of Shy.
Thank you Ms. Freedman for allowing us to celebrate Shy's birthday with you. It was a day we will never forget!
*Everyone, you need to rush out and buy this book! The uses for it in your classroom and library are endless.

You can also listen to this fabulous podcast where Deborah Freedman tells us all about Shy

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