Sunday, November 27, 2016

Walking and Listening to "Sting"

Sting by Jude Watson
Scholastic Audio

Jules and March should know better. They should have known that this diamond heist in Paris would be anything but a piece of cake, as Hamish had promised. They are interrupted mid-heist by the Top Cat Gang which leaves Jules and March with enough time to get just one stone, as well as new set of enemies and a confrontation with the FBI. It gets even worse when they discover their home had been sold and all the money they had invested from their last heist had been stolen from them. Heading to Hamish's in Florida is their only option. Hamish shares the history and the curse behind the sapphire that they had gotten from  Paris and tries to convince them to go after the two remaining sapphires in the set. Reluctant at first, the kids agree and the planning to steal these stones begins.

Loot is one of those books that I have hard time keeping on the shelf, so I was super excited to see that there was a sequel. Sting is fast paced, full of great heists and adventures. Michael Crouch differentiated the voices throughout the book, matching the voice with the characters perfectly. 

Favorite Chapter Title: Four Yellow Mini's

At least once a week I get stopped by tourists on their bicycles needing help finding the beach on this street. I'm clearly not the only one who gets stopped as there is now a sign in this person's front yard directing people in various languages.

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