Friday, December 2, 2016

Na He'e Nalu, The Cool Fish, The Bees and Na O'opu Meet Margaret Read MacDonald (Via Skype That Is!)

Whenever I do my unit on folktales I always share Little Rooster's Diamond Button by Margaret Read MacDonald with the children. They think it is hysterical and I think it is a perfect book to highlight all the characteristics of a fairytale.
This year we thought, "Why not contact her and see if she'd be free to Skype with us?"
I did and she was more than happy to meet us. Hooray!

100 first graders and I were super excited to meet her. We started of by asking her some questions, like, "Where do your writing?" (Turns out she was Skyping with us in her study where she works),"How do you find the folktales you retell?" "Have you ever re-told any folktales from Hawaii?" (Turns out she has a version of Punia and the Sharks) 

As we were getting ready for our Skype, I shared with the children that she had once been a children's librarian here in Hawaii and that she had driven the bookmobile. They were fascinated with the idea of a bookmobile so we had to ask her to tell us all about her time on it. They couldn't believe that the bookmobile made 32 stops every 2 weeks and to places that they knew.
We also got a chance to see an early copy of our favorite Little Rooster's Diamond Button and all the edits she made on it. This was great for the kids to see since they sometimes have to write different drafts of their stories too.
We then got a sneak peek of the book she is working on now called The Wishing Foxes. She briefly told it to us as well and the kids thought it was hysterical.
Then it was the moment we had all been waiting for. Mrs. MacDonald told us a story called Pickin' Peas. The kids loved joining her in the story, singing and moving, not to mention that a girl ends up having frogs come out of her mouth at the end!
Thank you Mrs. MacDonald for spending time with us. We had so much fun and learned so much from you!

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