Friday, December 9, 2016

Na Kupulau, Na Lupe and Na Manaku Meet Jeff Mack (Via Skype That Is!)

Na Kupulau, Na Lupe, Na Manaku had the most amazing Skype session with author/illustrator Jeff Mack. Seventy-five super excited third grade got a chance to not only meet him, but his dog McGee as well, more on that later.

We had so many questions that we wanted to ask of Jeff and about writing and illustrating, but we decided to narrow it down to just 10. Jeff was incredibly gracious, personally acknowledging each of the children asking the questions, calling them by name and giving us amazing answers, answers that taught us so much. It just proved to us all what a cool guy he is.

One of the things we wanted to know was, "Who influenced you to become an author?" We learned it was not only his parents, but also his 2nd grade teacher. She gave the class an assignment to write a Halloween short story. He asked her is he could write his as a comic and she said that he could! His friends encouraged him too because they then asked him to illustrate their stories.
We also wanted to know how long it takes him to write a book. We found out that Things I Can Do only took a half hour and that the idea came from something he saw and heard in the post office! Good News Bad News took 1 year and that the final copy has way fewer words than what he started with!
We learned some other fun things too. He likes ketchup on his macaroni and cheese. He has been to the town where our school is and went hiking nearby. He loved Choose Your Own Adventure books when he was a 3rd grader. His favorite book of his is Clueless McGee and the Inflatable Pants. Watch the video below to find out why.
We also wanted to know which came first, McGee the dog or Clueless McGee.
McGee is his 8 year old labradoodle that we have kind of become obsessed with. We got a chance to meet the real McGee which came with countless ooh's, ahh's and "He's so cute!" The story behind the story is great. Hear all about it below.
We got to see some of the new books that he is working on. He had just gotten the proofs of his upcoming picture book, Mine. In it, he only uses one word and three colors! We can't wait until this comes out in May.
We also got to see a new series that he is working on, Mr. Monkey. This is going to be a 3 book series and the kids and I can't wait for this to come out. We will have to wait about a year though.
Thank you Jeff Mack for Skyping with us. We had an absolute blast with you. You inspired the kids and they learned so much from you. 

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