Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Kindergarteners Made Idea Books!

The kindergarteners and I spent some time talking about authors and the tools that they used to create their stories. One of the tools that we talked about were idea books. Some authors write down the things that they hear and see in them while others doodle pictures in them to remind them of things. Why not make our own idea books for the kindergartners to start keeping their amazing ideas in?
After searching the internet for ideas, I found a really easy style of book for the kids to make and had them create marble paintings for their idea book covers.

Supplies needed
25 boxes (picked up from Costco, some were the perfect size, some had to be modified)
cereal boxes cut to 5 3/4"x4 1/2"various colors of paint, 
25 marbles
25 large paperclips modified to look like the tools you dip Easter eggs with, 
paper-cardstock (1/2 sheets) and regular copy paper (1/4 sheet), 
hole puncher
glue, water and a paintbrush

The kids started off by creating their marble paintings. They had a blast with this! Tips: Just have one container of each color of paint and assign a certain number of marbles per container. Those marbles stay with the paint, not move around with the child. The kids also had paper towels with them in case they got a different color paint from their painting on the marble.
The paintings came out really cool. 
Once the paintings were dry, I cut them in half. One half would be used as the front cover, the other for the back. Using a slighty watery glue mixture, I glued one marble painting to the shiny label part of a cereal box. This would later serve as the back cover of their idea books, making it sturdy.
The kids then assembled their books. The kids all added 10 sheets of paper to start. We talked about how they could add or remove pages later.
They used sharpies and labels to make the titles of their idea books.

 They were so excited when they were done and couldn't wait to start writing and drawing in them.

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