Monday, January 2, 2017

Walking and Listening to "Grayling's Song"

Grayling's Song  by Karen Cushman
Recorded Books
5 hours 6 minutes

Narrator: Katherine Kellgren

As Grayling is out collecting herbs she hears her mother screaming her name and sees smoke coming from the house. When she arrives back home she is relieved to see that her mother has escaped the fire, but their home is destroyed. Deciding to go into the home to retrieve the grimoire, a book of spells, Grayling discovers that her mother is rooted to the ground! Not only that her legs have turned to bark and she is unable to budge. Hannah, Grayling's mother, tells Grayling that she must head out to warn other wise-women/conjurers/enchantresses of what is happening and try to stop the evil forces behind this. Having no idea how to find them, Hannah instructs her to head to town squares and sing a specific song that will draw the others. Slowly but surely, other wise-women/conjurers/enchantresses come to Grayling and tell her how they are the only ones of their kind left, the others have already been turned into trees and their grimoires stolen. Deciding to work together, they head out to stop whoever or whatever is behind this.

I truly enjoyed listening to this book. Katherine Hellgren does an amazing job narrating this book. There was great excitement, urgency, fear, terror and exasperation in her voice. This really helped bring the story to life and move the story along quickly. Her vocalizations of all the characters matched their personalities beautifully. I loved that she sang Hannah and Grayling's songs throughout the story.

My neighborhood sounds like a war zone during New Year's with people lighting fireworks all night line. Red firecracker paper litters the streets. I stumbled upon these child friendly remnants while I was walking on New Year's Day

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