Sunday, January 22, 2017

Walking and Listening to Slacker

Slacker by Gordon Korman
Recorded Books
5 hours and 34 minutes

To say that Cameron Boxer is obsessed with video games is a total and complete understatement. His obsession is so great that he doesn't even realize that fireman have broken down the front door to gain access to a smoke filled house. Given an ultimatum to find another interest by the end of the month or lose his video games permanently, Cam freaks out. Luckily for him he stumbles upon an idea. With the help of his friends, he forms a fake group, The Positive Action Group, complete with fake webpage on the school's website. Unfortunately for Cam, Daphne sees the webpage and is convinced that this is the only way to save Elvis, a displaced beaver. Cam tries as hard as he can to put Daphne off, but when she gets Mr. Fanshaw involved, it's virtually impossible. During the P.A.G.'s first volunteer activity at the senior citizen garden project, Cam hides in an adjacent building to play video games. Seeing water dripping from a light, Cam follows it and discovers an injured woman. This discovery lands the P.A.G and Cam in the local paper. Membership in the P.A.G. explodes and all the unwanted attention is more than Cam can handle.

I'm a sucker for audiobooks with multiple narrators, each one telling their own part/side of the story. This audiobook does just that. The story was well paced and vocalizations matched the characters personalities quite well. You could sense Cam's exasperation over the P.A.G. throughout the story. Poor guy just wanted to be left alone to do what he loves, don't we all feel that way sometimes?

Vog can make the sunrise quite spectacular.

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